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Coach Laura Marcoux

Laura is the deep thinker. She knows how to help you define your “why,” and lead from that clarity of purpose. This will be nothing short of an uprising.

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I’m going to ask you to trust yourself, to be open to new approaches, and to be willing to embrace discomfort on all levels. My mantra is “choose growth” because it allows us to look at every obstacle as an opportunity. Every time you’re faced with a new challenge, you have a chance to unlock a new level of your talent. Barriers have never been broken by following the path of least resistance.

Athletes that work best with me have a process-driven mindset and aren’t afraid to dive into their “why”. We’ll embrace high outcome goals, set challenging performance standards, but understand that your process defines your success. What you think, say, and do with consistency creates your future.

My job is to align your goals with the data and metrics that support physical achievement, but I’m going to challenge you to connect that with what you feel in your body. Consistency and systemized progression will create a foundation of speed and endurance. Then with those systems in place, the best performances come when you’re willing to trust your body and risk failure for a success you wouldn’t have been able to achieve otherwise.  

As an athlete, I’ve completed 8 Ironman races including Kona,  18 Ironman 70.3 races, and many Olympic and Sprint distance races along the way. My best performances have come when I’ve completely surrendered to the moment. Knowing the strategic recipe for success is my baseline. Trusting the consistency and depth of my training takes me a step further. Letting go and being free to completely empty my tank is what sets me apart. 

You’ll feel my support the most when you’re open to pushing through previously perceived limits or old ways of doing things that haven’t gotten you the results you’re capable of. You’ll know that embracing your wholeness is what makes you limitless. You can be brave and afraid, confident and uncertain, weak and a warrior. It’s not about overcoming the darkness, it’s about integrating it.

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