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Resources: Darkness

Alongside The Darkness, There Is Light

As we started to process that darkness, light began to appear through the smoke that rose from the still smoldering ashes. Stories were shared within our 80027 / Louisville & Superior, CO Facebook group of hope and goodness and bravery and we remembered that sometimes the darkness is there to show us the light.

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The Meaning of Suffering

“If there is a meaning in life at all, then there must be a meaning in suffering. Suffering is an ineradicable part of life, even as fate and death. Without suffering and death, human life cannot be complete.” – Victor Frankl

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The “No Excuses” Award: Interview with Meg Tobin

“In order to be able to meet them where they are, I had to look my excuses dead in the face. I had to look really hard at what was holding me back mentally. I knew that if I just pretended it wasn’t so bad, and if I didn’t meet it head on, I knew it was going to continue to hold me back.”

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How to Navigate The Darkness, with Rami Wilder

If you happened to catch the article, Return to Racing: Individual Stories, Universal Themes, you might remember Rami telling the story of his panic attack in the swim at 70.3 St. George, and how he overcame it by remembering to embrace the darkness. Unfortunately, life has not gotten easier since that moment. 

In this interview with Coach Laura, Rami opens up about what it’s like to be in the middle of the darkness. It’s easy to tell our story from the other side, once we’ve found our way through the discomfort. But there’s incredible wisdom that we can find in the middle, if we are brave enough to reach out, open our hearts, and share it.  

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Olympic Moments

The Olympic moments that transcend time are not a result of meaningless coincidence. Every Olympian has earned their right to be there. The talent, skill, and fitness that separate one Olympian from another are often negligible. What separates the athletes who rise to the occasion from the ones who don’t is their ability to be in relationship with the moment, as it unfolds.

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3 Coach Accounts of Mental Race Strategy

In the same way that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to physical training, mental race strategy should reflect what we each need to be successful. The 3 NYX Endurance coaches lay out their individual mental game plans. Their strategies reflect how they approach racing as athletes, not as coaches.

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Big Scary Goals

“I have a deeper appreciation, and with that a deeper confidence, in the amount of work that it takes and what that work can do for me. If I commit to the process, the process will work for me.”

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DIY Ironman

Endurance strips us down. It asks, “Who are you to dream so loudly?”

Those of us who are called to endurance feel that question burning under our skin. We yearn to know who we are in the darkness, when we’ve ventured longer and further than we ever have before. Often, we find ourselves in the depths without an answer. The question pulls at us and mocks us for ever daring to ask it. But if we are lucky, we find ourselves surrounded by others who can answer it for us, until we become brave enough to know our own answer.

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