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What You Need To Know About Rhabdo

Rhabdomyolysis, or “rhabdo” for short, is a condition caused by damage to skeletal muscle. There are several causes of rhabdo but the main ones pertaining to endurance athletes include exercise, crush injuries, heat stroke, hyperthermia, and hypokalemia.

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Sherpa Reflections

“I look at Ironman sherpa’ing as 2 different jobs. My 1st priority is always my racer but as an Ironman Sherpa, it’s also about getting a few other people across the line too. Ultimately it’s hard to quantify the role, because it’s not measurable but you just hope you’re making somebody’s day a little bit easier.”

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Does Spirituality Fit Into Sport?

“When I’m in the dark places of the run, I know that through suffering – it’s deeper than just a silver lining, it’s deeper than “I can get a medal.” You’re learning something about yourself through the suffering that you could not learn otherwise. And that’s redemptive because you discover qualities of character that would have been latent if you hadn’t gone through it.”

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