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Kona Recap

In looking back on the first *Kona Ironman World Championship since the inception of NYX Endurance, we are pretty proud of our 10 out of

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Mike Reilly Throwback

As Mike Reilly hangs up his hat as the voice of Ironman, we offer our most sincere gratitude for carrying us through all of our

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Grand Canyon Race Report

“I struggled with how I wanted to spend the 1 year anniversary of my Mom’s death but ultimately decided on the Grand Canyon. There is magic for me in the Canyon and so my wife and I planned our trip. Throughout this year I was discovering all the new ways I could connect with my Mom and, as strange as it sounds, I have felt even closer to her since her death. Much of that closeness I have experienced during my time running and hiking in nature. That realization is both comforting and painful.”

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How To Master The Process, with David Hibbs

“I don’t think I’ve ever coached anyone who shows up as consistently open-heartedly as you do, so that’s why we’re here today.  I believe that’s the magic that has allowed you to make so much progress.” 

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Transgender Women In Sports

On Thursday, March 17th, Lia Thomas became the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA swimming championship, taking the title in the 500yd. freestyle. In so doing, her accomplishment sparked an outpouring of debate around the issue of equity in female sports: whether there are defining lines in an increasingly gender-expressive world and if so, who gets to define them. Is there a safe and fair way to distinguish what constitutes gender with regard to athletic competition? Does the basic human right to claim your own true identity have to be at odds with the necessity of female sports to be considered on their own terms?

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Triathlon Is A Team Sport: Reflections From NYX Camp

After the culmination of our first triathlon camp, one of the campers posted the sentiment that not only underlies camp, but also permeates everything we do at NYX Endurance: this is a team sport. Sure, we each put on our own bib number at a race, but if you’ve never been to a team event, you may not know the extent to which coming together propels us towards feats we may never have known ourselves to be capable of.

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Mikaela Shiffrin & The Demands of Legacy

The assessments of Shiffrin’s disenchanting Olympic performances, especially compared to her sterling resume, have elicited questions regarding her impending legacy. If we define legacy through the implied lens of outward assessment based on achievement acquisition, which has almost as much to do with luck and circumstance as it does with skill, isn’t that a rather depressing, if not nihilistic measure of our lives? And do we really care so much about what other people think of us that we’re spending our exquisitely brief earthly existence attempting to control the narrative after we die? 

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New Year Recipe Refresh

Recipes Contributed By: Leslie Myers, NYX Mob Member & Professional Chef Oven Roasted Yogurt Curry Salmon Bites This recipe is one for busy days as

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