NYX Endurance

Mob Melt : 6 Week HIIT Strength Training Series

Event Details
  • Tuesdays at 7:15am MT, November 17th – December 22nd
  • Workouts will be live via Zoom and recorded – links will available on this page for two weeks after each session
  • Be sure to join the NYX Mob for access

We know you plan on eating a few extra holiday cookies, and we’re not here to crush your joy. But what we can offer is a weekly 30 minute high intensity strength workout with Coach Laura. It will run every Tuesday throughout the holiday season so you can have your cookies and burn them off too. It’s all about balance.

High-intensity intervals, or anaerobic training, relies on different energy systems than we primarily use in endurance training. Training these energy systems increases our capacity to store glycogen, increases our ability to handle more lactate as it accumulates, and improves our overall economy of movement.

Each workout will include modifications for ability level and/or mobility limitations. The majority of the exercises can be done without equipment, and there will be instruction for how to do the exercises with and without weight. Before each workout, Coach Laura will send out a list of equipment that would be useful to bring.

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Events are open to NYX Mob members and coached athletes. Want to learn more about being a NYX Endurance athlete? See our Coaching options. Not ready for coaching yet? Be a part of the NYX Mob.