NYX Endurance

October, 2020

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Event Summary

All month long, NYX Mob members will have the opportunity to get stronger, learn about strength training technique, master new squat variations, and challenge themselves to keep up a squat streak.

Long-term endurance goals are built on a foundation of strength. 

Squatober is about consistency, education, and either maintaining or building upon the strength you gained from BINGO. Each week we’ll introduce a different squat challenge, where you can choose to focus on either muscular strength or muscular endurance. You’ll get to learn about the benefits of each, how they apply to training for endurance events, and how to execute each workout.

Oct 2nd Tip: How to Do a Proper Squat Warmup
Oct 9th Tip: The Importance of Rest Between Sets
Oct 16th Tip: Fueling for Strength Building
Oct 23rd Tip: Life Hack for Inflexible Ankles



Month Long Event (October) View in my time

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