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The Diversify Triathlon Movement

The world is changing. The unconscious systems that have reinforced disconnection and inequality are rising to the surface. Now, we have an opportunity to do something about it.

One of the most beautiful things about sport is it’s purity. With equal access to endurance sports, the simplicity of train, race, overcome, survive, and persevere can unite us. Endurance strips us of our labels and gracefully robs us of the hierarchy we walk around hiding behind in our daily lives, so that we can see our commonalities more clearly than our differences. We are all striving towards our goals.

But the problem is that there is not equal access. In triathlon, there are barriers to entry and we are gaining awareness around these issues. A recent statement from Ironman said that Black athletes make up less than 1% of participants in the US and Canada. One of the organizations that we support is called the Diversify Triathlon Movement. Their goal is to break down some of the potential barriers by providing BIPOC athletes with 3 months of free coaching, which is a resource that we have available to contribute. They’ve also started a YouTube channel for newbie triathletes that includes diverse representation. If you know anyone who could benefit from seeing more color in our sport, check it out: DTM YouTube.

One of the specific goals of our newsletter is to make the world a better place by promoting community, belonging, and the relentless pursuit of better. At NYX Endurance, we believe that prioritizing diversity and inclusion lifts us all up. The first step is awareness. The second step is taking an intentional step towards equality. The Diversify Triathlon Movement is just one example of how awareness leads to action, which leads to change.

So consider this our call to action. Take a step towards making a difference and rallying behind a cause that you believe in. Promote the values that matter most to you; the ones that stir in the depths of your soul; the ones you can’t ignore. Use what you’ve been privileged enough to learned from sport:

That life is about showing up and being in the arena;

That you gain more value from doing something imperfectly than you do from doing nothing at all;

That you can be both afraid to fail and brave enough to do it anyway.

Laura Marcoux

CO-FOUNDER, COACH, CHIEF BRAND WARRIOR / Laura is the deep thinker. She knows how to help you define your “why,” and lead from that clarity of purpose. This will be nothing short of an uprising.
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