NYX Mob Membership

NYX Endurance Code of Conduct

Thank you for joining NYX Endurance, LLC, and including our team on your journey. We have learned that our most successful athletes engage in a disciplined and consistent code of conduct. By joining our team, you agree to the following code of conduct:

• Log training daily with comments on each session. Please limit your feedback comments to training specific responses. Please include your training stats in your log and your downloaded file, if applicable. Training files provide us with science, but the art of coaching requires your comments and honest communication.
• Please take a few minutes Thursday-Friday to review your weekend sessions and ask us any relevant questions no later than 12:00 pm Friday. This includes race plans for weekend events.
• Knowledge is power and we have spent decades educating ourselves and honing our skills … Please be a student of the sport and ask questions, but understand that placing your trust in the process is necessary for success.
• We believe that achieving goals requires getting uncomfortable. We will do our best to help you understand the process, but please be open to the discomfort that comes with growth and success.
• Please understand we are humans and may make a mistake on occasion, please question anything that does not look or feel right.
• Athletes must inform us prior to training or competition of all injuries, illness, travel, and major life circumstances that will inhibit or be harmful to their training or health.
• If we contact you as a coach regarding training or racing, you are expected to contact me back in a timely and respectful fashion that honors professional courtesy. Please be courteous of times zones and basic business hours.
• Please work with your coach on the policy of schedule changes.
• Every athlete must understand the training session prior to executing. When in doubt, please email your coach. It is your responsibility to be physically and mentally prepared for the session and execute to the best of your ability.
• You are personally responsible for being prepared with the correct equipment and the facilities required to execute the training.
• Every athlete must follow the rules of the sport and any misconduct or misbehavior deviating from those rules will not be tolerated, including any TUE for medications on the WADA list. You, the athlete, are responsible for being up to date on all WADA lists and TUE.
• We expect you to work hard! Your success is determined by your commitment, organizational skills, and ability to communicate. Through this level of detail, we can and will achieve your goals.
• If you have a week (or life) that changes a lot, let us know upfront. The greater your ability to communicate your schedule, the more we’ll be able to help you achieve your goals.
• All athletes are expected to behave in a respectful, sportsperson-like way on the race course, with their training, with their teammates, and with their coach. Any disrespect or un-sportsperson like conduct will not be tolerated.
• As a representative of the NYX Endurance brand, we expect your social media presence to be in accordance with our basic values: respect, equality, and empathy.
• Every athlete will be treated with equal respect and supported by every team member. No one athlete is above another. Each athlete will be kind, supportive, and encouraging to one another.

By joining NYX Endurance, LLC, you are agreeing to the terms above. We take pride in our standards as a team and together we will set ourselves up for success.

NYX Endurance, LLC Coaches