Whether you’re hunting a PR,
the podium, or your first finish line,
NYX Endurance will get you there.

Triathlon training can be a complex puzzle.
The NYX Endurance coaches excel at developing individualized triathlon training plans
tailored to your schedule, maximizing your strengths, and improving upon your weaknesses
in order to optimize your overall performance.
NYX Endurance triathlon coaching will guide you to your start line fit and healthy
and to your finish line with strength and the power of your achievement.

The NYX Endurance Coaching Team

What Limits?
Julie Dunkle

Julie is the badass; the ultimate leader. Her self-belief is contagious. You’ll want to rally behind her, and you’ll feel her rally behind you.

No F&cking Quitting
Alison Freeman

Alison is grounded and relatable. Her methodical approach balanced with a heavy dose of empathy yields results while maintaining respect for your life outside of training. 

Steady Progress
Shana Frederickson

Shana is a quietly determined force. Her embrace of adventure combined with a steady no-nonsense approach will lead you to results you didn’t know you were capable of.

NYX Endurance : Triathlon Coaching Based in San Diego and Boulder

A Different Kind of Coaching Company

We’re triathlon coaches – and we are athletes. We like to get our hands dirty. We train, we race, we fail, and we succeed. We understand what you experience throughout your seasons of training and racing because we are right there beside you, on the same journey.

Through these years of training, racing, and coaching, we’ve learned that our athletes benefit most from a team approach. We each bring something different to the table and we want you to benefit from each perspective. You’ll have your 1-on-1 coach, combined with the knowledge, experience, and expertise of all the NYX coaches. Together, we bring our passion for triathlon to coaching in support of your goals and behind the process of uncovering your potential.

The Story of Nyx

In ancient Greek mythology, Nyx was the primordial goddess of the night. She lived in the depths of the underworld, a place of torment, suffering, and darkness. She was the only goddess ever feared by Zeus, as she was older and more powerful. According to the myth, Nyx was one of the original elemental gods present at the beginning of creation. Before there was anything, there was darkness, or ‘night,’ and that is how Nyx came to be.

Darkness can be symbolic of fear and suffering, but it is also the platform for growth. There are highs and lows on the quest for endurance. There are moments in both training and racing where we reach a point of suffering that seems overwhelming, and there is a choice to be made. Do we slow down, quit, or resist? Or do we find a way to keep going.


Nyx inspires us to find our power by surrendering to the deep discomfort that comes with growth. When we’re at that point where we think we can’t go on, but somehow do go on, that’s where we uncover our potential. Because if you want to break through to the light, you have to be willing to endure the darkness.

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