NYX Endurance

NYX Sherpa Squad

Family, friends, sherpas and support crews of all shapes and sizes.
NYX athletes and mob members who are supporting a race, rather than racing.

Because this community is about more than just the athletes.
Look, we get it: running is hard, biking is time consuming, and swimming is wet. At NYX Endurance, we believe our Sherpa Squad is just as important as our racers. We know we couldn’t do this without you.

Spectating/cheering/giving of your energy in any form during a race
Wearing funny costumes at events
Writing sherpa race reports
Taking on extra roles at home while your athlete trains
Making sacrifices in any form for your athlete to pursue their dreams

Each designated NYX team race will feature a Sherpa Squad Team Captain.
We will announce designated team volunteer events and an emphasis on volunteering and giving back to our sport.

Athletes aren’t the only ones who need gear. Check out the squad locker store featuring our Sherpa Squad logo. (Coming soon!)

If you have a stand-out Sherpa Squad member in your life, let us know! Please send media and stories about your favorite supporters to media@nyxendurance.com so we can give them the credit they deserve.