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Coach Shana Frederickson

Shana is a quietly determined force. Her embrace of adventure combined with a steady no-nonsense approach will lead you to results you didn’t know you were capable of.

Shana Frederickson - Triathlon Coach
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With a background working at the interface of biology, chemistry, and project management, I understand that the formula for success is just as complex and unique as you are. And as any good scientist knows, the most dynamic and productive outcomes can only be arrived at through exploration and a sense of shared adventure.

Being a triathlete is not a short-term experiment, it’s a process that takes time and intention. Along the path the most obvious reward is achieving personal goals, but shared experiences with a like-minded community are rewarding as well.

Athletes that work best with me have a learning mindset and are willing to show up and be active participants in their journey. Being invested isn’t just about following a plan. It’s about bringing all the ingredients to the table, working together to create a structure that best supports the interplay of those ingredients, and then being empowered by what flows from that environment.

As an athlete, I’ve been involved in the Triathlon Community for 20+ years. I have completed a LOT of Sprint and Olympic triathlons, 4 Ironman 70.3 races (including the Ironman 70.3 World Championship), and 1 full ironman-distance race so far. I thrive under the conditions of dedication and drive that working towards a meaningful goal brings out of me, especially when “what if” or “why not” goals challenge my previously held assumptions about myself and my abilities. Too much structure can lead to stuckness. Too much discipline blocks flow. But just the right amount of determination and adventure has led to experiences that keep me coming back for more.

For me triathlon is more than a sport, it is a community of enthusiasts all doing what we love. Coaching allows me to give back to that community and to partner with athletes of all ages on their journey to cross those finish lines!

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