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Coach Alison Freeman

Alison is grounded and relatable. Her methodical approach combined with free flowing profanity will center you and provide a safe foundation to branch out from.

Coach Laura says … Alison has carefully crafted structures that keep her life and the people she’s close to on track. Although she’d prefer not cross boundaries if she doesn’t have to, she’ll never let fear stand in the way of progress.

Coach Julie says … Order, precision and a drive for perfection are what makes Alison successful. But what I love most is the hidden, wild abandonment that she occasionally unleashes and shocks us all.

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No F&cking Quitting

I believe that successful athletes are built one methodical step at a time. There’s an equation for increasing speed, strength, and endurance, and that structure and progression is the foundation of my coaching style. Training can be a grounding force in your life when you know that all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and trust the plan. Maintain momentum and watch the results start to accumulate. 

I place a heavy emphasis on education. My goal for my athletes is to maximize their preparation so that they can step up to the start line knowing they have all the tools to succeed. Athletes that work best with me appreciate attention to detail, data-driven progression, and a contextual understanding of the training and racing process. 

As an athlete, I have completed 6 Ironman races, 15 Ironman 70.3 races, and qualified for USAT Nationals 5 times. Races are my milestones, but training gives me a sense of purpose outside of what I do for my family and my job. The steady progression lays out a path of self-discovery and progress outside of the monotony of tasks and obligations that coincide with the flow of daily life.  Triathlon is the piece of my life that is unapologetically my own.

While creating a methodical foundation is essential, I am invested in the people I work with. I do a lot of listening so that I can help organize your thoughts and concerns into actionable steps. I understand that my athletes balance family, friends, work, and other aspects of life outside of triathlon, so my objective is to weave training into your life in order to enhance the big picture. I love to celebrate big successes along with all the little wins along the way. I’ll help you prioritize having fun and hold you accountable when it’s time to stop f&cking around.

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