Coach & Business Mentoring

Alison has nearly a decade of coaching experience and is approaching two decades of small business experience.

Alison Freeman - Triathlon Coach

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$100 for a single session

$270 for a 3-session package
$540 for a 6-session package

Alison offers one-to-one mentoring for endurance sports coaches in both coach and business development. Her mentorship will help you develop a deeper and broader coaching skillset, enhancing how you work with individual athletes. On the business side, Alison’s guidance will help you develop systems to improve your overall efficiency in running your business, allowing you to spend more time focused on your athletes.

Endurance Coaching Topics Can Include:
  • Building annual training plans
  • Translating annual plans to training blocks and weekly programming
  • Conducting benchmark testing; setting and implementing training zones
  • Determining an athlete’s fuel, hydration, and sodium requirements and prescribing fueling and hydration plans for training and racing
Business Topics Can Include:
  • Setting coaching rates and collecting payment
  • Defining, tracking, and forecasting income and expenses
  • Managing your coaching workload
  • Keeping track of athlete details such as preferred weekly schedules, upcoming races, race results, benchmark results, training zones, and birthdays
Recommended New Coach 6-Session Package:
  • Defining and pricing your coaching services; Finance & Business Operations, including  billing and athlete onboarding
  • Systems for managing your athlete details and coaching workload
  • Translating general principles of training to the unique needs of individual athletes
  • Understanding fuel, hydration, and sodium requirements, determining requirements for individual athletes, and prescribing plans for training and racing
  • Two catch-all session to cover special topics or spillover from prior sessions

Each 1-hour mentoring session is conducted over FaceTime or Zoom and will cover the topics of your choosing. Alison will provide a written summary after each session, highlighting key topics from the discussion and including any follow up notes.