The Ultimate Guide to Your First Triathlon

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6 Lessons | 3 videos

Skill Level: Beginner


Training for and completing your first triathlon can feel intimidating. But being a beginner triathlete doesn’t have to be overwhelming! This course will teach you everything you need to know to move from your first day of training to the finish line of your first triathlon with confidence.

The course starts with the first step – the commitment to sign up for a triathlon. You’ll get tips on what to think about when selecting your first event, suggestions on how to find that event, and a list of information that you’ll need when registering.

The course then dives into everything you want to think about while preparing for your event, starting with all that swim, bike, and run equipment. You’ll get information on how to think about training for the event – what your swim workouts, bike workouts, and run workouts might look like and how to put them all together in an 8-week sprint-distance training plan. This section also includes a little bonus information on hydration and fueling so that your body can put to use all that fitness you’ll build in training.

Finally, the course offers “Race Day 101” in two parts: the details you’ll want to think through ahead of time, and a detailed walk-through of race day itself, including a video demonstrating how to set up your transition area.

Learning Path

Choosing Your First Triathlon
Signing Up For Your First Triathlon

Swim Equipment
Bike Equipment
Run Equipment
All the Other Stuff

Swim Training (Video!)
Bike Training
Run Training
Putting It All Together Each Week
Bricks (What’s a Brick?)
Race Simulation Days
Tapering (a.k.a. Resting Up For Race Day)
Training Guidance: An 8-Week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

What to Drink (and When)
Don’t Forget the Salt
What to Eat (and When)

What to Wear
And About That Wetsuit (Videos! Putting it On and Taking it Off)
What to Bring
Know the Course
Your Race Day Timeline
Packet Pick Up
Setting Up Your Transition Area (Video!)
Figuring Out the Flow of Transition

The Swim
T1 (Swim-to-Bike Transition)
The Bike
T2 (Bike-to-Run Transition)
The Run
You Did It!!!

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