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the power of reflection
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Completing a triathlon is a significant achievement, reflecting months, if not years, of dedication and hard training. However, the race itself is just part of a continuous journey in athletic development and personal growth. Writing a post-race recap is a crucial step in this journey, offering numerous benefits that extend beyond mere record-keeping. Regardless of whether the race outcome was exhilarating or disappointing, reflecting on your performance through a post-race recap is invaluable for every triathlete.

Never written a post-race recap? Coach Julie walks you through it in this article.

athlete win of the month:
Coach Shana: Justin's DIY Triathlon

Signing up for a goal race far in advance is a good idea, but as the date approaches sometimes there are hiccups. For Justin Meeker the target was Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, but a schedule conflict would prevent him from racing that day. Rather than being frustrated about it though he pivoted with a new plan.

PART 1:  Replace 70.3 Oceanside with a 70.3 DIY locally in San Diego. On the day of his planned event, it was stormy. Undeterred he pushed on: an ocean swim through large storm surf using his skill as a surfer, rain and gusty winds for the bike, then running it in for the 70.3 finish. To paraphrase his words, it was the gnarliest adventure he’d ever taken. What an impressive feat of mental and physical toughness in such adverse conditions! Way to crush it Justin!

PART 2: Train for Ironman 70.3 Morro Bay. Here’s hoping it will have good weather, but if not he’ll be ready for it!

what makes us better:
Coach Alison: Carbs. Carbs Make Us Better.

In case you missed it, Ironman recently announced that they are transitioning away from Gatorade Endurance on North American race courses and moving to a new on-course nutrition sponsor, Mortal Hydration. And there is a huge outcry about this – not because Gatorade Endurance is the best product ever, but because Mortal Hydration is a hydration product and not really a fueling product.

And in case the folks at Ironman don’t realize, fuel is what makes the engine go. We need carbs – especially during long-course races – in order to hit the finish line and not the med tent. Sure, athletes do tend to bring their own bike fueling, but a lot of us also count on on-course nutrition to bridge gaps or replace lost bottles. And on the run course, many of us rely on carbs in dixie cups because gels are harder to swallow (literally) at that point in the race.

So, if you’re racing an Ironman event this year, know this: Gatorade (not Gatorade Endurance) will be on the course in May and June, and after that it’s Mortal Hydration only. Which means that Ironman events are now basically BYOC events – for both the bike and the run.

did you know?
Coach Julie: Free Watts?

ERO Testing reports that calf sleeves could save you up to 8 watts on the bike segment! These sleeves are crafted to cut air drag and are perfect for any triathlete. Since they’re just sleeves, you can even swim in them. With consistent wattage savings in every test, why not give them a try.

meet a teammate:

Teammate: Sarah Peltier, coached by Coach Julie, resides in Superior, Colorado with my husband Brian and our very energetic lab mix Millie. We moved here in 2016 and have fully embraced the Colorado lifestyle.

  1. Favorite race: Has to be a tie: IM Chattanooga – downriver swim, rolling hills on the bike and a never-boring run course. Plus it’s not an expensive destination. Alpe d’Huez Long Course – iconic alpine scenery and the most ridiculously difficult day in triathlon.
  2. Walk-out song: Titanium featuring Sia, by David Guetta (a fave song on the trainer)
  3. 3 Words that family/friends would use to describe you: Competitive. Hard working. Often Late.
  4. Worst style choice you’ve ever made: I like to think I am the reason that socks ‘n sandals are now popular with Gen Z.
  5. If you could have an unlimited supply of 1 thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Time to ride bikes with friends.

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