NYX News: July 2023

NYX at IM 70.3 Oregon

Last weekend, NYX Endurance witnessed an unforgettable race at the Oregon 70.3, with 16 incredible athletes participating. It was an absolute thrill and an outstanding weekend.

At NYX Endurance, we cherish these opportunities for team races as they bring our athletes together, enabling them to bond, share living spaces, and support each other wholeheartedly. We take immense pride in being more than just coaches; we are community builders, fostering a close-knit and supportive family among our athletes. Together, we celebrate victories, push through challenges, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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custom bike fueling sticker template

DC Rainmaker is the go-to resource for all things endurance sports tech. (More on that in the “Did you Know” section below.) Recently, he posted an article about custom fueling stickers on the handlebars of bikes at the Tour de France that garnered quite a bit of attention.

Coaches Julie and Alison were both pretty enamored with the idea of a custom bike fueling sticker, cuz who here hasn’t lost track of their fueling on a long ride? So with that prompt, you can download your very own custom bike fueling sticker template right here.

what to read / watch / listen to:
Coach Shana:

What I’ve Been Reading:

(1) I Spent a Month Running Without a Smartwatch by Kamilah Journét in REI’s Uncommon Path is worth a read. Thanks to The Morning Shakeout newsletter for sharing this one.

Is how you feel about a run influenced (too much?) by what your watch says? Perhaps occasionally going tech minimal, or even no-tech for runs can help us to rediscover the simple joys of running free. 

(2) We Share The Sun, by Sarah Gearhart: This book about Patrick Sang’s journey from athlete to coach gives an insider’s look at his training camp in Kaptagat, Kenya for elite runners. There are stories of his athletes as well including Eliud Kipchoge and Faith Kipyegon among many others: overcoming challenges, finding community, and mostly being deeply committed to what they love to do.

athlete win of the month:
Coach Darbie: Anthony Ippolito

Anthony came to me with a big goal of finishing the Leadville Trail 100 MTB this year. He had an 18% increase in power numbers within the first two months of working together and consistently shows up for his rides. He and I have played around with nutrition and finally got it dialed in for the Silver Rush 50 MTB a few weeks ago. He was able to race very well and earn a faster corral. With Leadville coming up next month, things are looking great due to Anthony’s amazing work ethic. I am excited to see him get out there and crush it at 10,000 feet.

what makes us better:
Coach Julie: Visualization

Visualization can be an incredibly powerful tool to prepare for an upcoming race. By mentally rehearsing each stage of the race and visualizing successful outcomes, you can enhance performance, boost confidence, and reduce pre-race jitters.

Read about how you can use visualization here.

did you know?
Coach Alison: DCRainmaker.com

Did you know that dcrainmaker.com is the best resource for info on all things endurance tech? From detailed (and I mean DETAILED) reviews of GPS watches, trainers, and power meters to the latest developments within apps like Zwift and Strava, DCRainmaker.com is a one-stop shop for every tech-related question you have. Plus his newsletters (actually I think they are his wife’s newsletters) are pretty entertaining.

meet a teammate:

Teammate: MJ Falvey, coached by Coach Julie

  1. Favorite race: IM 70.3 Oregon
  2. Walk-out song: Me Too by Meghan Trainor
  3. 3 Words that family/friends would use to describe you:
  4. competitive, curious,sincere
  5. Worst style choice you’ve ever made: Bow ties and business suits in the 80’s
  6. If you could have an unlimited supply of 1 thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sunny 75 degree days 😎

NYX Endurance

Our mission is to develop an endurance community that empowers each member towards both individual and collective potential. At NYX Endurance, we believe in the relentless pursuit of better. We believe there is no success without suffering. There is no progress without perseverance. There is no light without darkness. #embracethedarkness