How to Write a Race Plan

Every good race starts with a plan. Not sure where to start? Here are some general guidelines for a race plan, or you can use the templates linked below from Coach Alison.

A typical race plan includes the following:

  1. A detailed itinerary for race weekend (if race-related events, such as packet pickup and bike check in, span more than a single day) or simply for race day.
  2. A nutrition and hydration plan: what, when, and how much.
  3. A “pacing” plan for your race – more of a personalized plan combining effort level, power, HR, and/or pace for each of swim, bike, and run.
  4. Your mantras/sayings/reminders for the race in total or for individual sections.

Looking for a more detailed race plan template?
View Coach Alison’s 70.3-distance race plan template here.
View Coach Alison’s Ironman race plan template here.
(All templates are viewable within Google docs. Copy to your Google Drive or download as a Microsoft Word file to edit.)

Alison Freeman

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