Swim Drill Video Library

If you’re looking for a swim drill to address a specific area of swim technique, or for clarification on a drill that’s coming up on your TrainingPeaks calendar, you’ve come to the right place.

Be sure to view the top video first, which provides some big picture thinking about swim technique. Then you can browse the swim drills, pick an area of focus, or find the specific drill that you’re looking for in the video playlists below.

And be sure to check out the bonus video on efficient open turns at the end!

Bonus! Open Turn Video

There are a lot of things about swimming that can be intimidating —and for many people, flip turns are often one of them. If you can’t do a flip turn at all, or if your flip turn hasn’t progressed to the point where it is quick and efficient on a consistent basis, then instead of an inefficient flip turn, you should be executing a quick and efficient open turn.

Read more about how to do an efficient open turn here.

Alison Freeman

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