Workout Terminology

WU = warm up
MS = main set
CD = cool down
5’ = 5 minutes
10” = 10 seconds
RI = rest interval

Swim Specific:
OWS: open water swimming
T-pace or Base pace: threshold pace per 100 (meters or yards), or pace per 100 taken from a 1000 (meter or yard) time trial swim
Base Interval: fastest interval that you can swim 10×100’s on
Descending Interval: swim each repetition faster than the previous one
Build Interval: increase speed within each repetition

Bike Specific: 
ILT: individual leg training; usually done on a trainer, you’ll use 1 leg at a time to spin for a given interval; focus on the efficiency of the pedal stroke rather than hitting a certain power or HR (unless specified)
RPMs: revolutions per minute; cadence
Muscular Endurance: low cadence work (usually between 55-65rpms if not specified)
High Cadence/rpm’s: Focus on hitting the prescribed cadence rather than a certain power or HR (unless specified)

Run Specific: 
Strides/Striders: a short pickup at about 5k pace (not a sprint) in order to engage more muscles without adding too much intensity

NYX Endurance

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