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TMI Happy Hour

There’s no such thing as TMI in triathlon. We dive into EVERYTHING during this happy hour conversation.

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Sherpa Reflections

“I look at Ironman sherpa’ing as 2 different jobs. My 1st priority is always my racer but as an Ironman Sherpa, it’s also about getting a few other people across the line too. Ultimately it’s hard to quantify the role, because it’s not measurable but you just hope you’re making somebody’s day a little bit easier.”

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Olympic Moments

The Olympic moments that transcend time are not a result of meaningless coincidence. Every Olympian has earned their right to be there. The talent, skill, and fitness that separate one Olympian from another are often negligible. What separates the athletes who rise to the occasion from the ones who don’t is their ability to be in relationship with the moment, as it unfolds.

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