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TMI Happy Hour

There’s no such thing as TMI in triathlon. We dive into EVERYTHING during this happy hour conversation.

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How to Use the New Gx Sweat Patch

Previously there was no way to do an at-home hydration test that ALSO measures your sodium concentration. For long-course racing, getting your fluid replacement and sodium replacement rates dialed in correctly can be the difference between a great day and a lousy one.

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Heat Acclimation

If you have an early season race and/or will be racing in a climate that is significantly warmer than the climate in which you train, acclimating to that hot environment prior to race day is a key factor in success.

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NYX Nuggets

As we add Nuggets every month, we’ll keep the running list here for you to reference.

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To Mask Or Not To Mask (While Exercising)

Every day we physicians are learning new things about the novel Coronavirus and about the illness that it causes. Thanks to social media, we are all witness to the scientific process taking place in real-time and we can all see that it has been anything but an exact science.

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Deciphering TrainingPeaks Data

For Premium account holders, Training Peaks provides an incredible amount of data on your workouts and training trends – an almost (or actually) overwhelming amount.

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Workout Terminology

WU = warm upMS = main setCD = cool down5’ = 5 minutes10” = 10 secondsRI = rest interval Swim Specific:OWS: open water swimmingT-pace or

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