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Celebrating Black Athletes

The following athletes paved the way for others to follow in their footsteps. They chose relentless progress in the face of racism, in sports that had not previously allowed space for their excellence.

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Big Scary Goals

“I have a deeper appreciation, and with that a deeper confidence, in the amount of work that it takes and what that work can do for me. If I commit to the process, the process will work for me.”

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Goal Challenge

It is weird and hard to put your goals out there and be seen. Our challenge to you is to let us in. Share your goals with us and the NYX Endurance community and allow yourself to feel the buoyancy that the Mob will provide.

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DIY Ironman

Endurance strips us down. It asks, “Who are you to dream so loudly?”

Those of us who are called to endurance feel that question burning under our skin. We yearn to know who we are in the darkness, when we’ve ventured longer and further than we ever have before. Often, we find ourselves in the depths without an answer. The question pulls at us and mocks us for ever daring to ask it. But if we are lucky, we find ourselves surrounded by others who can answer it for us, until we become brave enough to know our own answer.

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Breathing For Performance

Breathing has a huge impact on how your overall nervous system functions, which ultimately drives performance during training and racing.

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